MAY 2014

by  Norman Wasserstein


        This will be my last article for the season, and I am pleased to report that it was a successful one. Our rotation program saw all of our courts up and running, three days a week, from 8 am to the final session. The Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday sessions were very active as was the mixed doubles on Sundays. Our menís and womenís inter-condo teams were competitive and we ended the season with Marcia Guyerís team finishing first in Level 6 and Terry Healyís team placing second in Level 4. On the menís side, Elliott Yezerís Level 5 team won the Palm Beach County Senior Tennis League championship played at Gleneagles on March 27.

        Our tennis clinics and team practices, run by our pro, Jim Boardman, were well- received and given good marks by all of the participants. We had two events, one round robin and one racquet demonstration and skill competition. Both were well-received as were the prizes after each event. We are planning to bring you some surprises when we present next seasons events. I would be remiss if I didnít thank our tennis committee, who took care of the scheduling, office duties and equipment purchases. Specifically, Tony DeNiro, Judy Kaplan, Mel Clapman, Sydell Lief, Bob Horowitz and Jill Leslie. Before I say good-bye I would like to offer some tips you might find helpful if you plan to continue your tennis activities during the summer months while you are away from Palm Greens.

Court Courtesy Works  Play your points with respect to your partner and your opponents. It is only a game and those line calls do look different, based on where you are. .Donít interrupt play on other courts to retrieve your ball. Let the point play out and then ask if you can get your ball. When returning a ball to your opponent, throw it directly to one person and do it accurately.

Court Attire Sends A Message  Always wear the right tennis shoes. They preserve the court and hold up better under the back-and-forth of your games. Nothing makes you look sharper than a smart-looking tennis outfit. Besides making you look good, it implies that you have above-average tennis skill and who will really know?

Court Prep Goes A Long Way Bring a positive attitude. Share your resin bag and have a spare wrist bandÖ its a good way to make new friends.

        Have Fun Youíre on the court for a limited time, so you should make the most of it. Work with and support your partner. Work on your own tennis skills and enjoy what you are doing. If you finish your match thinking you did the best you could, chances are you did. And thatís really what its all about.



And finally, a Tennis Tip From Norm: Tennis is only a game. Be thankful that youíre out there playing. And enjoy yourself.