by Mel Clapman


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, you should be looking into the Palm Greens Tennis Rotation Program. It is, reputedly, one of the best venues in this area.There is no charge for the rotation. There is a one time charge  of $10 to cover the cost of new balls. Rhe good news is, you are in a structured program that allows you to play competitive tennis with players of your level. Your games and court assignments are put together by schedulers, who are members of the Tennis Committee.

The program is managed by the Tennis Committee, which is responsible for the administration of all tennis activities, assisted by our tennis pro, Jim Boardman. In the rotation, four or five players of comparable ability are assigned a playing time and a court. During the season, the rotation games are played Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Games run 75 minutes,beginning at 8 am and ending at noon. The exception is Monday, when play is limited to one hour, in deference to the Inter-Condo teams.

When you come in to sign up for the rotation, you will be given a booklet of rules and regulations governing the overall activities of this venue. Included will be scheduling your games (what days and what times), changing your schedule, what to do in case you cannot play and changing your level and priority of play. The rules are simple and based on common sense and if you have been playing organized tennis for any length of time, they will be familiar to you.

By joining the rotation, you get to meet and play with a variety of people you may (or may not) know. You play on well-maintained courts for over an hour. You become part of a community activity that has grown in popularity over the years. And, best of all, it gives players of every level an opportunity to play in an organized game with players that are on their level.

We invite all tennis players – of all levels – to visit the Tennis Center and meet the pro and members of the tennis committee. We believe you will find the Tennis Rotation Program an activity that will occupy your tennis time constructively and enjoyably.