Alliance Association of Delray


        By Judy Goldberg


As we return to our “season” the Covid/Delta variant situation seems to want to become permanent residents also. However, by getting our shots/booster… aka 3rd shot , wearing masks we can still enjoy life and will send these pests packing to another planet! As we said before, even with the pandemic, Florida offers so many beautiful places to visit and eat (outside), and we should explore our beautiful State.  Wear masks and explore a bit! Whatever you choose to do, continue enjoying life and wear your masks.

Our main topic at our Zoom meeting was Looking Forward to the 2022 Legislative Session . Panelists included Sen. Lori Berman, Rep Kelly Skidmore, Victoria Nolan, Exec Dir.. Of Legislative Delegation and Ed Chase, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs.


A panel discussion about the 2022 Legislative Session followed. State Senator Lori Berman had a number of bills presented, but because of the raging Covid numbers in her area she presented a bill to the Senate to allow for Home Rule so that PBC could provide safety regulations. She is also attempting to undo the bill that prohibits masking and vaccination requirements for private enterprises. Sen. Berman is also working to strengthen the Hate Crime statue, curb human trafficking(a big problem here in Florida)  and to create a statewide Department of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office. If a person is convicted of Domestic Violence then they should not have access to guns! Her office is at I95 and Gateway.


Representative Kelly Skidmore said that following census findings, new districts are being drawn up. Some new bills are being discussed. They include waivers for people in recovery being able to continue their education and establishing a Gift of Life registry for people willing to donate their bone marrow. She ended with this advice: Have questions about treatments? Speak to doctors,. They are a platform for good information.


Victoria Nolan, Executive Director of the PBC legislation Delegation Announced the many dates that new legislation will be considered.


Ed Chase, PBC Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, discussed the need for affordable housing in the area, create new housing and to be able to affordably repair existing housing. He spoke of the need for workforce training and beach funding.  At the present time, hospitals are over capacity. PBC Day is being planned. South County has covid testing as does FAU. He ended his presentation with four words:


    Get Vaccinated- Wear Masks.


          Captain Rob Sandt of the PBC Sheriff’s Office was pleased to announce the the ringleader of a group perpetrating a huge credit card scam in the area was caught, tried, and sentenced to 12 years in prison, There had been an  increase in thefts by moving  companies. Secure your jewelry and valuables.  Check the moving company out before signing up! Again, Captain Sandt urged everyone to slow down on the road. Lately, tempers are high and we are all on edge. Try to have patience.


Pete Hund, Fire Rescue Chief for PBC,(EMT) announced that an additional 9 new employees have been hired.  Our area has been quite busy and there have been several automobile fatalities. He too asked driver to slow down and be patient.


PBC Commissioner, Maria Sachs announced that there will be a workshop about many aspects of the Ag Reserve on October 26, 2021. Public input is requested, and you can contact the Commissioners office to provide your comments.


PBC School Board Vice Chair Karen Brill is concerned that the right of Home Rule regarding the learning, health, and safety of the children is being brought into question. She is fighting to preserve the communities right to Home Rule!


Nicole Carson of the Board of Elections, speaking for Wendy Satory Link, requested that any questions regarding voting information of the Board be directed to 


Next Zoom meeting of the Delray Alliance will be on Wed., October. 6,  2021. At 10AM. The topic will be “The Other Half of the Penny Tax”.


We Zoom our meetings for now, but when Covid is tamed, our meetings will take place at the South County Civic Center, 16700 Jog Road, DelrayBeach, across from Morikami. Doors open at 9AM when refreshments are served. The meeting begins at 9:30 and always concludes by 11:30. All are welcome.