Alliance Association of Delray

                                                                                                ALLIANCE OF DELRAY RESIDENTIAL ASSOCIATIONS                                                                                                      By Judy Goldberg


This is not an April Fools Joke.  By now we have collected 100’s of votes for the 13th Floor Project,

Don’t forget to vote.!!!  No crystal ball available at this writing. We are winding down with our winter season and it has been busy and full of fun! Safe trip home for all of our Northern friends. Enjoy your summer.


The Alliance held a great meeting for March.  We learned a lot about The Old School Square complex in Delray. Chairperson of the Board, Felice Johnson introduced the Artistic Director, Matthew Farmer and he gave us some history of the area. The Cornell building was originally (in 1913) an elementary school and the Crest Theater was both an elementary and high school. It was named a historical site by the Historical Society, thus saving the property from destruction. The site now serves as a cultural arts center, providing art, music and entertainment events for our community. Matthew gave a sample of the offerings of Old School Square by showing film clips then singing some selections. We can take art classes, as well as see great plays that tour.  One event will be The Golden Girls in Puppet Parody. (Think Avenue Q), as well as the acrobatic team from Greatest Show on Earth. There will also be an “Italian Wedding” similar to the off Broadway show. Worth checking the programs out on line. So much talent to share. Memberships are available.


Captain Van Sandt again emphasized the importance of LOCKING OUR CARS!! This has become one of the most common crimes and most cars are not locked.  Solution is simply enough.  Also, do not leave valuables exposed in the car. He also said one of the big scams on seniors are medical offices.  When going for tests, X-rays etc. Leave your valuables home or lock them up in the office lockers.  Unfortunately, not all staff is honest, and items have been stolen. Credit cards are a big item. In addition, greater consideration to vetting of Home Health Workers is needed as not all are honest…seniors can be easy marks. Especially when ill.


Fire Rescue Chief Kim Hude detailed her department’s efforts to rescue pets during a fire. She suggested that notice of a pet in the home should be posted in a prominent place.  Call the Fire Department as they do have stickers available.


Volunteers are needed for the 2020 census. A lot is done online and it is important for funding of local schools and local government.


Board member, John Gentithes discussed the proposal of lowering the Lake O levels to 10.5’ Since this will negatively impact Alliance communities in Delray Beach and other southern Palm Beach County residents the Alliance is working to insure the levels will not be lowered to more than 12.5’ levels. Lower than that and flora and fauna in the lake areas could become endangered. The Lake Worth Drainage District is in agreement with the Alliance.


The next meeting of the Delray Alliance will be on Wed., April 3, 2019. The topic will be “Atlantic Avenue Design & Timeline Updates” including interchange/Widening & East/West Thoroughfare. The Florida Department of Transportation will be providing this presentation.


                Meetings take place at the South County Civic Center Civic Center, 16700 Jog Road, Delray Beach, across from Morikami. Doors open at 9AM when refreshments are served.  The meeting begins at 9:30 and always concludes by 11:30. All are welcome. See you there.