Alliance Association of Delray

                                ALLIANCE OF DELRAY RESIDENTIAL ASSOCIATIONS                                                   By Judy Goldberg


Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and safe 2021! Good riddance to 2020! It is amazing how we have adapted to this new and very isolating existence. The Pulse & website has been a great way to keep up to date and feel connected to our amazing community, while at home. Hopefully, vaccines will be ready early this year…in the meantime, mask up as it shows consideration to others as well as protecting ourselves. See you in Publix, Famous, Josephs, and all the other food oriented stores…Hope that we have an upbeat 2021!


The theme of our December meeting of the Delray Alliance was:


POWER & WATER; 2 Essentials

                                  FPL: Delivering America’s Best Energy Value

            PBCWUD: (Palm Beach County Water Utilities District)Our Safe Water


Sophia Eccleston, Sr. External Affairs Manager started off the program with an interesting slide show of the many ways that Florida Power & Light serves our community. FPL stays hurricane vigilant as we have had occasional storms in December. While there are 3 energy companies in Florida, FPL is the largest and under their leadership, our electricity is the cleanest, most reliable and affordable in the state. Also, Our bills are lower than in recent years. FPL is the largest supplier in Florida w/over 5.1 million customers and covers 35 counties.


Over 55% of lines are underground or hardened against storms. 96% of transmission poles are steel or concrete. The goal is to predict and prevent outages.  Sustainability is a main focus and the company is community oriented. Not only is FPL innovative but they are the most cost-efficient energy provider in the US 4 out of 5 yrs.  FPL believes in community and provides many services, such as assisting Covid19 afflicted customers with financial help and supporting children, education and working with small businesses. Solar power is growing and their goal is a carbon free world!


Our next speaker was Shawn Reed for the PBC Water Utilities District, He assured everyone that there is NO threat to our drinking tap water, EPA & WHO approved that it is good quality and poses no threat from Covid-19. He also showed a chart to dissuade our fears over recent issues with the City of Delray Beach Water District. We are west of Military and therefore, under PBC Water District not City of Delray. You can go onto website and in lower left you will see the water quality report number for the year. Right now it will show 2019. By May, new numbers are compiled for next year. No violations for our district last year or this year. Our water district is working hard to keep our water pure and safe for all of us!


Capt. Rob Sandt of the PBC Sheriff’s Office, Crime is down in double digits, however, with the holidays season, stay vigilant while out shopping, try to shop in pairs and be alert…if you are feeling threatened go back to the store, and ask an employee to go with you to your car. Our PBC Sheriffs Office is ramping up with extra police patrols and you may hear more helicopters overhead as Christmas approaches. Also, the police are continuing a crackdown on unlicensed Commercial Trucks. Vehicle burglaries are high and the Sun Pass  shows that they are stealing them and going back to Broward County. Please, LOCK YOUR CARS and do not leave anything of value in the car! Be alert!


Fire Chief Tony Tozzi gave 10 safety tips for the holidays. They are

  • Inspect all electrical decorations
  • Do not overload outlets
  • No daisy chains…plug in separately, not one strip attached to another one
  • Water all trees daily. Biggest cause of fires.  Tried trees.
  • Try to use battery operated candles if possible.
  • Keep candles away from combustibles.
  • Watch your electrical cords for kinking or ware
  • All decorations should be UL certified.
  • Stay in the kitchen while cooking. If you have an oven fire, Keep The Door

Closed and power off to stove. Call the Fire Dept.

10) Turn off all decorations before retiring for the night.


State Senator Lori Berman is getting bills ready to be considered by Senate. She also urged people to wear masks and stay safe as 10% of Palm Beach County has

Covid-19.  State Senator, Tina Polsky thanked the Alliance for their support,

PBC Commissioner Vice Mayor Robert Weinroth greeted us and urged everyone to follow the rules for keeping Covid-19 free; Get tested, wear a mask, and get your Flu shot. Commissioner Mack Bernard greeted us and also urged compliance with the precautions. Commissioner. Maria Sachs wished everyone a good, healthy and safe holiday.


If anyone needs or knows of someone who needs assistance with food or rent, check out for help.

The next meeting of the Delray Alliance will be on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. Alliance attorney, Jonathan Gerstin will present information on opening of clubhouses and Associations handling issues in the unprecedented time of Covid-19.


We Zoom our meetings for now but when Covid is tamed, our Meetings will take place at the South County Civic Center Civic Center, 16700 Jog Road, Delray Beach, across from Morikami. Doors open at 9AM when refreshments are served. The meeting begins at 9:30 and always concludes by 11:30. All are welcome.