Alliance Association of Delray


      By Judy Goldberg


And now we are back in “2020”, COVID style.  So many plans, no where to go! Hope that you all are feeling good, and wearing your masks in public. This will pass, but try to keep a positive attitude and look at all that we have here in Florida, weather being the top spot. Just being in our Palm Greens, little part of paradise, we are soooo lucky! Stay safe and enjoy it all.


Our January zoom meeting featured Joshua Gerstin, Esq. He discussed the leadership of condo and homeowner associations and the pressings issues facing them.  Here are a few of the issues:

  1. Aging Structures
  2. Covid delayed projects
  3.  Building requirements being updated.
  4. Video Conferencing with acceptable quorums
  5. Sales and leasing restrictions must be in the documents to be enforced.
  6. Pet owners must abide by established rules.

He spoke about collections, emphasizing that associations that do not follow the law will not be able to recoup lawyer fees. Communities may not establish their own approach to COVID. He recommended that the CDC guidelines be followed. (For Condo only)  Charging stations may be built to accommodate electric vehicles. His focus was on “spotting” Issues, then work on solutions. Mr Gerstin’s presentation is available on YouTube at and the handout for this presentation is available on his website To learn more, go to these two sites. There is much that was covered and worth the read.


President Dr. Lori Vinikoor, opened the meeting and provided development updates which included: The application for Delray Self Storage. Fueling/Carwash at the Big Apple Bazaar sight has been postponed. There will be more Agricultural Reserve public meetings  discussing possible changes to the Master Plan which the Alliance is following, informing the membership and asking for feedback.


The Alliance is working with the Florida Dept of Transportation to correct the current illegal traffic turning issues at the new development located at Atlantic Avenue and Hagen Ranch Road.  The Florida Turnpike is causing issues for adjacent communities  and The Alliance is working to mitigate those as well.


Lieut. Morales, of the PBC Sheriff’s office informed us that the lobby of the Civic Center is closed due to the long lines for Covid testing. Turning into the center is very difficult due to the solid lines of cars. Again, there has been an increase in car robberies. Please lock your cars, and do not leave valuables in plain sight on the seats! Especially your Car Fobs! If you need to reach the PBC police for non emergencies, the phone number is 561-688-3400 or website,  Also, Firefighters are creating a PBC rescue group that will travel to disaster areas and help the people recover.


Tony Keeler, of the PBC Fire Rescue reported that there has been an increase in House fires caused by defective golf cart chargers. Not a problem in our communities but if you so have friends with golf cart chargers, suggest that they check them.

Senator Lori Berman, spoke about COVID. She said that there has been an uptick in the number of break-through COVID cases in our area and beyond.  Asking for school masks is a positive in this battle. Also, when the new legislative session resumes shortly, redistricting will begin. The State will also form a legislative response to the Surfside tragedy!


Representative, Kelly Skidmore, will spend several months in Tallahassee during the redistricting process. She will work to help achieve fair representation!


PBC Mayor Bob Weinroth is trying to obtain additional testing facilities. Some people are waiting many hours to be tested for Covid. The Omnicron variant, while producing mild symptoms to the vaccinated, is rampant. Wear your masks above your nose as that is the area that the germs head for! Also tests sites are open from 9am to 7pm but the cutoff for the lines is at 5:30 so that everyone on line is taken. PBC has spent about $1/2 million for purchases and distribution of home testing kits. When the Senate and House due the redistricting, you will be notified of any change in your district with a card that says “Satori”Link, elections.


Commissioner Maria Sachs has been appointed to the Transportation Committee to discuss the traffic in our area. She will also meet with the Dept of transportation representing veterans.  New legislation will get them better discounts in stores, parks, etc. A meeting is also scheduled to address the problem of human trafficking.  She said that this is the #1 Cash Crime. So many lives destroyed.


Karen Brill, PBC School Board Vice Chairman, reported a high degree of absenteeism in the schools, both with staff and students. Masks are being required. There is a shortage of bus drivers and this is a big problem too!


Our next meeting will be on February 2, 2022, on Zoom. Our guest speaker will be Dorothy Jacks, Property Manager for PBC.


When the COVID situation improves, we will meet again at the South County Civic Center, 16700 Jog Road, Delray Beach, across from Morikami.


Doors will open at 9AM when refreshments are served. The meeting

begins at 9:30 and always concludes by 11:30. All are invited to attend.

Hope to see you there soon.