Alliance Association of Delray


        By Judy Goldberg



It Seems like we just began the “Season” and it is April and  some of our Snowbirds will be leaving for their northern homes. This is a beautiful time of year so store up those memories till next season. Those of us who live here all year round feel lucky to enjoy the easy life style of Palm Greens. Even with the pandemic, Florida offers so many beautiful places to visit and eating outside, after getting our vaccinations, creates another alternative. Still wearing masks but exploring a bit! Whatever you choose to do, enjoy life and wear your masks. Happy Easter to those that celebrate!


Mayor Dave Kerner was our main speaker and he gave a video presentation that shared the many aspects of services and offering to residents of of Palm Beach County. He said that Covid19 affected PBC, but that generally we had a low positivity rate, ahead of all the other counties in Florida! As part of the Cares Act monies, The county was able to supply all families with 4 Covid masks. Money went to the Business restarts and of course to help with the extremely long food assistance lines.  A large part of the Cares Act money is going to the Business restart program.  Palm Tran was kept open  and sanitized so that our workers at Publix and other vital stores could get to their jobs, Animal control stayed open! Many of our agencies continued their work by appt. during this crucial time.


Dr. Lori Vinikoor, Executive V.P. of the Alliance, referred to a letter  our President, Bob Shulbaum sent to Palm Beach County Commissioners regarding the Alliance’s concern for the Agricultural Reserve on several key issues. An application for a hospital on the Northeast corner of Smith Sunday road and Atlantic Avenue was found to be unacceptable. The needs of the communities are already being well met. Application for the land on the Northwest corner of Atlantic Avenue and the Florida Turnpike was also deemed unacceptable. A builder planned to build a distribution center on the close to million square feet of space, which is not what the Ag Reserve was intended for. In addition, there is an application for high-density housing for the Southeast corner of Half Mile Road and Atlantic Avenue which the Alliance also opposes.  Protecting our Ag Reserve for our future residents and creatures that live there, is crucial as builders seek more and more land for new developments. Also, the “ski lake” that builders created without getting approval for rezoning has been stopped. The Magistrate denied motion for a new trial! The illegal developers were fined and and must remove the building that was built on that site. The surrounding residents are very relieved.


Captain Rob Sandt of the PBC Sheriff’s Office warned of a new fraud scam in which a phone call is made informing the intended victim that he/she is an executive with Amazon Prime, and the victim is due for a refund. But first the “exec” needs “Team Viewer Tech Support” to be downloaded. DO NOT do that! It opens a ZELL account and  the “exec” can immediately have access to your funds and wipe you out! Again, Amazon does not contact you by phone! If you are curious, hang up and call Amazons’ customer service number directly!  888-280-4331 or email them! The scammers are out in force and are after our money! Another scam is at the gas station. While getting gas, you may get distracted and leave your handbag out in the open, while you are getting gas, the thief opens your passenger door and takes off with your pocketbook. Be careful…Also, please lock your car doors!  Good news is that car crashes are down 41%.


Tony Tozzi, Chief of PBC Fire Rescue, reported receiving many more EMT calls. He believes it is due to the tremendous increase in new residents Our population here in Florida is exploding right now. Property appraisers evaluations up 20% to 40%. A sellers market.


Representative Emily Slosberg announced that the government has expanded Covid19 vaccine accessibility. There are 2 bills that are to be voted on, consumer protection regarding the vaccine, and a bill limiting Covid19 liability for businesses. These are the bills moving through the legislature at this time.


Commissioner Maria Sachs, PBC County Commissioner, has received the letter from the Alliance concerning the applications(see above). She also informed us that the ski lake has been solidly denied.


Karen Brill, {PBC Board of Education.), announced that 50% of the school workers are eligible for the vaccine. There have been complaints about having the students participate in the standardized testing this year. Also, it was ruled that public schools must share money with charter schools, which effectively eliminates “home rule”


The next Zoom meeting of the Delray Alliance will be on Wednesday, April 7, 2021. Our guest speaker will be State Attorney Dave Aronberg who will discuss Covid10 scams.

We Zoom our meetings for now, but when Covid is tamed, our meetings will take place at the South County Civic Center, 16700 Jog Road, Delray Beach, across from Morikami. Doors open at 9AM when refreshments are served. The meeting begins at 9:30 and always concludes by 11:30. All are welcome.