Alliance Association of Delray

Alliance of Delray Residential Associations

Judy Goldberg, Representative for Palm Greens


November is here. Cannot believe how fast the year is going. By now Palm Greens is filling up with all of our northern family and activities have begun.  So happy to see all of your wonderful faces. We are a lucky group here at Palm Greens.


The Alliance meeting for October was filled with amazing information about the upcoming, important November 6th election. Todd Bonlarron, Asst. County Administrator, explained the pros and cons of each of the proposals (number 8 has been removed from the ballot) Each needs a super majority, that is a 60% + 1 vote in favor for inclusion in the Constitution He then answered questions that had been submitted by the delegates (us) You can pick up a copy of the League of Women Voters newspaper to read about the amendments or watch for the newspaper version. VBM, Vote By Mail people will be mailed a ballot early. Read each amendment carefully. Sometimes an obvious yes, will bring with it, other issues that you may not like. Lobbyists do “load” the amendments when they can. Better to vote NO if you do not like the other parts of the amendment.  People, please vote! Every vote counts and it is the only way to truly express your concerns to our leaders. Not voting is giving it away to the opponent, whoever that might be to you. This is your opportunity to voice your opinion.


Karen Brill and Erica Whitfield, both members of the Palm Beach County Board of Education, encouraged a “yes” vote on the referendum to levy a one mill. Tax in order to provide additional School Safety, Counselors and to continue to fund Physical Education, Art, Music and Career Choice Programs as well as to improve Teachers’ salaries.  It was shown that this did not add a significant increase in the taxes that are assessed at the present time! This will appear at the bottom of last page of the Ballot. This is would be a positive YES for the future of our community.


Captain Sandt of the PBC Sheriffs Office advised us that crime statistics for the area are down. HOWEVER, there have been 52 stolen vehicles since January, and more than 30 had the keys or fobs left in the cars. Also 115 car burglaries in Delray with 81 of those cars having been left unlocked.  LOCK YOUR CARS, Otherwise, you are giving a gift to the criminals.


Tony Keeler of PBC Fire Rescue reported that Hurricane prep in the area was good, but did say that a number of fires have been caused by faulty heating blankets and lack of current surge protectors in electric outlets. Check your blankets and purchase an up to date surge protector! This will save your life.


Executive Vice President, Lori Vinikoor, told us that the Alliance had success in maintaining twice a week trash pickup in West Delray Beach. She also stated that phone calls are being made to residents to determine the size of trash containers to be provided. Different household would require different sizes, the Alliance will pursue a solution to the one-size-fits-all dilemma.


SENIOR EXPO will be Tuesday November 20, 9:30AM to 2PM at the South County Civic Center, 16700 Jog Road, Delray Beach, Fla. There will be 85 Exhibitors with Senior Product & Services, Great Travel Deals, FREE Health Screening & Medicare Options. Door Prizes & Raffles, Bagels & Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Served. Grand Prize: 50” LCD/HD TV.



Visit our website:  or call

754-246-2874 for attendee info.

The next meeting of the Delray Alliance will be on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.  We will learn the timeline for the expansion of Atlantic Avenue. Transportation Planning Agency Director Nick Uhren and Palm Beach County Director of Engineering, David Ricks will be speakers.


Meetings take place at the South County Civic Center Civic Center, 16700 Jog Road, and Delray Beach. Doors open at 9AM when refreshments are served. The meeting begins at 9:30 and always concludes by 11:30. All are welcome. See you there.