Condo Two

Welcome back snowbirds!!!

We hope you had a fantastic summer and are very happy to have you back at PG 2.


Those of us who spent the summer here had a relative lazy, hot, humid and quiet time until hurricane Irma hit the eastern coast. While we were fortunate and did not get a direct hit, we sustained substantial and costly damage to roofs, rails, trees, our tennis court fence and some properties
Since our property insurance covers individual buildings and the damage to any one building did not exceed the deductible, all of the hurricane costs came out of our emergency fund.


In addition to replenishing our emergency funds there are several other things that we will have to consider as we develop fiscal year 2018’s budget. PG 2 is over three decades old. Due to its age, there are maintenance issues that cannot be ignored. We want to maintain the property value of our units and continue to live in a beautiful community. We must therefore, take this into consideration as we develop the budget. Additionally, Florida’s Condominium law, Section 718 requires that in 2018, we have our own website with our documents on it. This   T will require ongoing upkeep.  These are some of the items that we must consider as we develop the 2018 budget. NOTHING HAS BEEN FINALIZED REGARDING THE BUDGET. You will receive a letter with the proposed budget prior to the budget meeting. We hope you will attend this meeting. (Date and time to be determined)


Once again there are rumors running rampant about the Golf Course. We plan on being completely transparent about any activities regarding the course so do not believe anything you hear unless it comes directly from one of the Associations. Additionally, prior to taking any definitive action, there will be a vote of the unit owners. Right now the only thing happening is the Palm Greens Community Association (an Association comprised of representatives from Condo’s 1,2 and the Recreation Board) are having EXPLORATORY meetings with 13th Floor, the developer who has the right of first refusal with the owners of the Golf Course owner. 13th Floor will be arranging meetings with the unit owners in the near future.


We will attempt to keep this website updated but if you have any unanswered questions, please stop by to meet with a Board member, Monday – Friday, between 9:30am and 11:00am.


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