Delray Trails/PGCA Update –  July 12, 2022



For those of you who are currently at Palm Green, you already know that work has begun on Delray Trails. After receiving the land development permit from the County, Lennar has demolished the old golf building; a silt fence has been installed along the perimeter of the construction site; and lots of earth is being moved.


According to Lennar they will be doing earth work for the next four (4) to six (6) months. This includes excavating the lakes, replacing contaminated soil with good soil, and beginning to lay pipes and build roads. During this process there will be very large heavy equipment on the property. You may feel some vibrations in your units which according to Lennar is normal.


After the majority of earth work is complete, the utilities will be put in place. Lennar estimates that the start of its construction of the new Clubhouse is at least five (5) months out.


Since Lennar purchased part of Delray Trails late last year, the PGCA has been working with them to familiarize them with the PG community and the Development Agreement. We are currently in the process of working out several issues pertaining to Lennar’s proposed design of the Recreation campus generally and the new clubhouse specifically. The PGCA is cautiously optimistic that closure will be reached very soon at which point Lennar will finalize and submit its Recreation Campus site plan to the County for its approval.


Specific resident questions and concerns with respect to the project should be directed to the PGCA at

Delray Trails/PGCA – March 30, 2022 PGCA Update


The Delray Trails project is moving forward. For those of you who are new to the community, Delray Trails will be a 436-unit senior citizen residential community that will be built on the old golf course property that abuts and is adjacent to the Palm Greens Community. While Palm Greens DID NOT own the golf course property, the three Associations Condo 1, 2 and the Recreation Association established and incorporated the Palm Greens Community Association (PGCA) to ensure that the interest of the entire Palm Greens community would be taken into consideration in connection with any development of the Golf Course. The three Associations each appoint a representative to serve on the board of directors of the PGCA.


Fortunately for us, the owner of the Golf Course Property was trying to sell to a Developer, 13th Floor Homes that was willing to work with the PGCA to develop a plan that was a win-win for both the developer and the community. In addition to a low density, senior citizen housing development, the plan, that was approved by a vote of the unit owners includes a Recreational campus with a state-of-the-art Clubhouse and new and updated amenities, a new maintenance building for Condo 1 and Condo 2 and $1,000,000 divided equally between Condo1 and Condo2. After the Development agreement was approved, 13th Floor purchased the property.


This past December 13th Floor sold most of its development rights to Lennar Homes, a much larger national company. All the property on the north side of the property (Condo 2) is owned by Lennar and if everything goes according to current plans it is slated for single family homes.


Since December, the PGCA, 13th Floor, and Lennar have met several times to discuss the requirements of the Development Agreement and how we move forward working collaboratively. Right now, it’s not clear how much the project is going to be pushed back due to the change in ownership. It has been difficult getting a specific schedule from Lennar because all permits must be either newly obtained or reissued to them, by the County and that process is unpredictable.


According to what we’ve been told however, the demolition of the old golf course building should happen shortly. In accordance with the Development Agreement, construction of the Clubhouse must begin before there is any vertical construction (i.e. The housing units), so our and Lennar’s priority is the finalization of the clubhouse design. Lennar is legally bound by the Development Plan that as already stated was overwhelmingly approved by a vote of the unit owners.

Therefore, the PGCA need to make sure that the Development Agreement is interpreted correctly and that all the requirements contained therein are met.


PGCA will send out an email blast when we have more detailed information. In the interim residents who have questions pertaining to Delray Trails may email the PGCA at