Golf Course Update

Palm Greens Community Association


As a reminder, the Palm Greens Community Association(PGCA) is comprised of a representative from each of the three Palm Greens Boards, Condo’s 1 and 2 and the Recreation Board. The PGCA was established after the Ad Hoc Golf Committee completed its presentations to the entire community and tabulation of the subsequent surveys was done. Based on the findings, the concept of the PGCA, was developed and approved in open meetings by the three boards.  We hired an attorney to best advise and properly organize ourselves.


The PGCA was approached by the owner of the Golf Course property as well as a developer who had an option of purchasing the property. This developer, 13th Floor, is the same one that is developing the former Marina Lakes Golf course. Following numerous exploratory discussions between 13th Floor and the PGCA, without any commitment from either side, the 13th Floor developed a proposal hoping to gain our cooperation. The PGCA insisted that there would have to be a supportive vote of the owners of Palm Greens 1&2 in order for us to cooperate with them in obtaining access to the property. While the potential development would be located between Condo’s 1 & 2 , the property to access on the north side is controlled by the Recreation Board, therefore, automatically involving all three associations.


13th Floor made 8 presentations of their proposal to the Palm Greens Community. The presentation was a good representation of what has been discussed in general terms with the PGCA to date. The PGCA sees this as a starting point with not enough specifics for a final agreement. 13th floor has also made an initial presentation to PGCA’s lawyers to discuss the frame work of an agreement which would bind them to all agreements and also bind any other developer if they purchase the property and then choose to sell it. The PGCA will continue to work with 13th Floor to develop a proposal that is in the best interest of the Palm Green’s community.


We ask that you review the current proposal and all subsequent proposals with an open mind and when the time comes, VOTE.