Golf Course Update

Palm Greens Community Association


APRIL 22, 2018


Shortly, the unit owners of Palm Greens 1 and Palm Greens 2 will be voting on a proposal by “13th Floor Homes” to develop the Golf Course property. The privately owned course closed in late 2016. Since that time the owner of the course has given right of first refusal to purchase the property to a developer, “13th Floor Homes”.


Over the past year, 13th Floor has worked with the Palm Greens Community Association (PGCA), has given numerous presentations to unit owners and has had one on one interactions personally and on line, to address questions and concerns of unit owners. During this process 13th Floors initial concept has evolved into the more detailed developer agreement. Included in this agreement are the following:

  • Senior Housing
  • Low Density, only 435 homes
  • Maximum of 2 stories
  • No rental units
  • A new modernized clubhouse with state of the art amenities shared by the Palm Greens Community and the new development

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While it is not required that the Palm Greens Community vote on the development, 13th Floor and the PGCA Association have agreed since the beginning that the unit owners should vote on whether or not to support the development. ¬†Palm Greens 1 and Palm Greens 2’s documents require that in order to support the development a simple majority of all unit owner must vote yes. (Palm Green’s 1: 684 units, 343 yes votes (342 + 1), Palm Green’s 2: 717 units, 360 yes votes (359+1))


The PGCA will be presenting the final developer agreement with its recommendation to the Palm Greens Boards in the next couple of weeks. The Boards will then schedule public meetings to set in motion the vote. Proxy’s will be sent to all unit owners at the address last left with the Associations offices. The entire developer agreement will be available to view on this website.