Men’s Club

Come out and join the men’s club for exciting events and enjoyable meetings.

Once a month a group of Palm Greens men get together for breakfast, talk and entertainment. Occasionally the ladies are invited to attend a meeting too. They also plan golf tournaments with other communities attend baseball games and various bus trips.


Dues are $15.00 per year

Mens Upcoming 2020


By Mort Teisch



All Men’s Club Breakfasts and Events will be cancelled for the remainder of the season, due to the social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19.




By Mort Teisch

Is it that time already? It seems you snowbys just got here and now it’s time to go. For those of you heading back North to your Mid-Atlantic, and New England states as well as Canada, safe journey and return once again in good health and good spirits.

Well, we were rained out in our last golf contest with Emerald Pointe, but at least we did’nt lose. We have rescheduled our make-up date for March 13, but it is yet to occur at this writing. We will let you the results, of course depending on the income. Bob McGlinchey has reported a calming down of the seas, so we will be preparing for a fishing trip. You can call Bob for further updates at 495-2877.

April is taken up with Passover, Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Therefore, our MEN’S CLUB meeting will take place on April 19. To all our friends, here’s wishing you a Happy Easter and a zeesen Pesach. The holidays will come earlier next year, thus even with a shorter season, we plan to have full slate at that time.

Looking forward to seeing you at the April 19 meeting.


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