Men’s Club

Come out and join the men’s club for exciting events and enjoyable meetings.

Once a month a group of Palm Greens men get together for breakfast, talk and entertainment. Occasionally the ladies are invited to attend a meeting too. They also plan golf tournaments with other communities attend baseball games and various bus trips.


Dues are $15.00 per year

Mens Upcoming 2021


Men’s Club

By Morty Teisch


I can’t believe that it is over one year that COVID- 19 has changed us. It was very difficult notseeing family and friends that we care so much for. Whoever you met all conversations began with:  Did you get your vaccine yet? Was it a Pfizer or Moderna? (as if it made a different to them!!) Fortunately, the number of South Florida Seniors successfully received COVID-19vaccines have been growing daily. More places have been opening up, CVS, Publix, Winn Dixie, South Florida Civic Center, Tradewinds, John Prince Park, Markham Park, Miami,Hard Rock, and the South Florida Fair Grounds which held 1,000 people.


Janice & I waited until something came closer to home and lo and behold we had to drive only 15 minutes from Palm Greens to a Publix on Federal Highway. This was a delight. They gaveus an assigned time and exactly that time they allowed you to be seated. Once in you received your vaccine within 10 minutes. Then after the Vaccine you were requested to sit for another 15 minutes and if there were no issues you were able to leave. We faced this Pandemic together and we came out stronger. We are going to keep on doing all those things we just didn’t think were possible. As of this writing, Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine has just come out with aOne-Dose Vaccine.


We marveled at the strength of neighbors and friends in P.G. who took good care of themselves during this Pandemic. 2020 was the year of hell and 2021 is the year hell froze over.


Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you in the Fall…


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