Men’s Club

Come out and join the men’s club for exciting events and enjoyable meetings.

Once a month a group of Palm Greens men get together for breakfast, talk and entertainment. Occasionally the ladies are invited to attend a meeting too. They also plan golf tournaments with other communities attend baseball games and various bus trips.


Dues are $15.00 per year

Mens Upcoming 2019


BY Morty Teisch

Not everything can run smoothly, as we may have learned through our experiences in life. Of course, I am just finding that out. Last month, our golf tournament against Emerald Pointe completely washed out due to torrential rain. It has been rescheduled for March 1.

The second disappointment occurred in our research relating to our annual journey to a spring training baseball game. What we found, to our dismay, is that ticket prices in all our local stadiums have more than doubled over the year before. Sadly, with the prices so steep, our baseball trip will have to be abandoned.

Our February meeting was highlighted by an excellent performance by Danny K who actually was prepared for all the requests thrown at him. Our March meeting on March 3 will offer breakfast and more entertainment. I look forward to seeing you there.

Stopping in, as a pleasant surprise were two representatives from 13th floor, bringing a site plan and answering any questions the members may have. They, along with member Tom Aldrich, gave us a status update, and they are close to the pre-ballot agreement.

We will include our meeting of March 3 on channel 63, for you to reference prior to the meeting. See you then.



I’m planning to attend the Super Bowl party at the clubhouse on February 3. Please join me. Then let’s get together on the 10th for our regular meeting. Check channel 63 for your reminders


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