Men’s Club

Come out and join the men’s club for exciting events and enjoyable meetings.

Once a month a group of Palm Greens men get together for breakfast, talk and entertainment. Occasionally the ladies are invited to attend a meeting too. They also plan golf tournaments with other communities attend baseball games and various bus trips.


Dues are $15.00 per year



By Morty Teisch, President


The times they are a changing, as are the people, as are my friends: some good, some not so good. As we age, it appears we are not given our choices. My blessings to those who continue to age gracefully and my sharing of hope to those who do not.


This article is about me and my Tenth Anniversary as President of the Palm Greens Men’s Club, and lest you think this is an attaboy article, nothing could be further from the truth. There is no way Men’s Club could have survived without the full and enthusiastic cooperation of our magnificent volunteers. I may have coordinated the meetings but it was the volunteers who threw me out of the way and set up these very successful meetings.


If I were to head up an organization or even belong to one, I couldn’t have picked a better one than Palm Greens Men’s Club. In my years of tenure, there were no arguments or disagreements on content of Programs. It was usually just an appreciation by our constituents who enjoyed being there and sharing in the activities. I’m pretty sure the women were also overjoyed, having the guys out of the house on that one Sunday a month.


Tearfully, I find myself unable to fulfill all the functions I had done before. Naturally, I would have wished for otherwise, in order to continue. In any event, I will meet with some of the Board to discuss a turnover of authority. I understand there are New Unit Owners who are interested in affiliating with Men’s Club and I welcome them with open arms.


Let me wish my membership the best of times in the forthcoming years, with health and happiness. It has been my pleasure to be associated with you and may Men’s Club continue to flourish.


With Love,


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