Men’s Club

Come out and join the men’s club for exciting events and enjoyable meetings.

Once a month a group of Palm Greens men get together for breakfast, talk and entertainment. Occasionally the ladies are invited to attend a meeting too. They also plan golf tournaments with other communities attend baseball games and various bus trips.


Dues are $15.00 per year

Mens Upcoming 2020


By Mort Teisch



All Men’s Club Breakfasts and Events will be cancelled for the remainder of the season, due to the social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19.




By Mort Teisch

There are wines, just right for some tastin’


And there’s Cadillacs all shiny and new


Gotta Go, ‘Cause time is a Wastin’


There’s such a lot of Livin’ to do.


That is such a pertinent message from “Bye Bye Birdie” That is something to remember, and to look forward to, while our lives have been put on hold, during these trying times of the Pandemic.


It was only recently that I received a call from our esteemed publisher, Mel Clapman, to submit a Men’s club article for the soon to be released, October 2020 Pulse. I couldn’t begin writing the article right away, as I spent most of the day laughing hysterically. What I can tell you is that the Men’s Club continues to be viable, and what is most thrilling is that I continue to be viable.


It may please you to know that Men’s Club made a donation to “Feeding South Florida” food pantry. They feed the hungry from Palm Beach County down to the Keys. They informed me that each dollar provides seven meals. I’d like to know where they do their shopping. Our donation of $100 will provide 700 meals. We should feel pretty good about that.


In any event, whether it’s a Vaccine or just the disappearance of this scourge, we remain in our three- point stance, ready to go when the situation permits.  Meanwhile, let me wish you all a SAFE, ACTIVE and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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