Things are moving along with regard to the café. Permits have been approved and a contractor has been hired. So, look for work to start very soon. With that in mind PLEASE do not interact with the workers during the process as it will only serve to delay the process.

There will be a dumpster located in the parking lot near the tennis office. This is ONLY for the contractor and should not be used by the residents.

Questions about the contract we have entered into with Ruven’s to run the café have arisen and hopefully this will answer them.


1.   There is an escape provision within the contract with allows either party to opt out for any reason. We are in no way obligated to continue if this agreement does not work out.


2. We do hope to continue to offer the amenity to the community for as long as we choose.


3.  Again, let us reiterate the cost of the café card is included in the Recreation Boards budget in the same way as the maintenance of the Tennis Courts, the Pool, the Shuffleboard Etc.


Your patience during this process is greatly appreciated.



Your Recreation Board


Updates will be provide as they become available. Please check back often.