A Message from the Skinny Cheff with two F’s


Greetings and salutations to the members of The Palm Green Community!


Thank you so much for this opportunity to introduce Chef Trevor McGrath as the new operator of the Palm Greens Café.


The Skinny Cheff, also known as Chef Trevor McGrath is a 20+ year veteran of the restaurant industry as well as operating a small catering company since 2007.


Chef McGrath has worked in over 5 countries, including Norway, Malta, Spain, Canada, & Ireland. He was afforded these opportunities as a direct result of being a contestant on TV’s Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay. Chef McGrath (Trev) made it all the way to the finals and was asked back for two more seasons as well, including the AllStar Season. Chef also went on to work for the Food Network on such shows as Cutthroat Kitchen with Alton Brown.


In between filming and traveling Chef McGrath has Consulted on multiple openings, rebranding, and special events in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Having owned his own small catering company since 2007 he has since grown his brand and style of cooking. Catering to Celebrities, Major League Sports Teams, Foreign Hotels, Cruise Lines, and high-profile politicians and business owners.


A native of Chicago Chef settled in NYC again after the last filming in 2016. Chef subsequently relocated to Southern Florida where he opened and ran a small restaurant on Delray Beach’s Atlantic Avenue, The Chopping Block that was bought out by The Tin Roof. Not to slouch Chef McGrath then launched The Skinny Cheff With Two F’s Prepped meal and Catering Company in 2019.


The Palm Greens Café will be a small operation with a lot of heart, with a scratch kitchen that tastes like coming home. It will provide Chef with the opportunity to return to what He loves most and does the best – cooking to order in a small restaurant-style setting, to the tastes and satisfaction of its customers.


“Eat Well Live Better .”


The Skinny Cheff